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Packages and Pricing

Find a package that works for you. All our package prices give access into a smash room for up to 2 people. More people can be part of your group for just $5 more per person. Choose from a variety of packages ranging from 10-45 minutes including small, medium, large and extra large items to smash!

Small Items*
Bottles, dishware, ceramics, etc.
Medium Items*
Printers, monitors, TV's, Microwaves, etc.
Large Items*
Windshields, Toilets, TV's, etc.

Extra Large Items*

Entertainment Centers, Large projector TV's, etc.

*These are examples and not exactly the items you may get in a package. Items may vary based on inventory.

The BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables)

Starts at $15

Have personal items you really want to destroy, use our facility, our smashing tools, and we clean up for you!
*Items subject to approval*
*Must be purchased with another package*

The Sledge Special


up to 25 Minute Session
20 Small Items
1 Medium Item(s)

The Edward Hammer Hands


up to 35 Minute Session
30 Small Items
1 Medium Item
1 Large Item

The Hammer Time

Hammer Down $100

up to 45 Minute Session
40 Small Items
2 Medium Items
1 Large Items

The Hammer Me Timbers


up to 45 Minute Session
80 Small Items
3 Medium Items
2 Large Items
1 Extra Large Item

Package Additions

  • 10 Small Items Add on           $12
  • 1 Medium Item Add on           $10
  • 1 Large Item Add on               $15
  • 1 Extra Large Item Add-on     $20
Any smashing packages may be combined for a greater and extended smashing experience!
*Types of items listed in each package are examples but not limited to those alone. Items may vary based on inventory*