Axe Throwing Alley

All our alleys use log targets. This is a perfect addition to any paint or smash package or to experience it by itself. We also have three different sized axes for the perfect variety. Wanna try axe throwing for the first time or show off to some of your friends? Come on down and show us what you got!

Appointments are recommended. Shoes or boots that completely cover the foot up to the ankle are required. (anything that doesn't cover the entire foot is not allow such as flip flops, sandals, crocs etc.)(No Exceptions). We do ask that you show up about 10 minutes prior to your appointment to make sure all waivers have been signed and that all party members have arrived as well. You can sign all waivers ahead of time here at If you are needing to cancel or are running late please call us ahead of your appointment, please. If you are late it may result in a shortened time or you may have to reschedule.Thank you for your interest in us and we look forward to seeing you.

Neon Glow Black Light Axe & Knife Throwing Room
(currently under construction)

30 minute session

2-3 people: $15
 per person

4-7 people: $13.50 per person

private room can have 2-7 people, provides 3 different design Neon Glow log targets, up to 3 throwing Axes and 3 10" throwing Knives


30 minute session
$10 per person

60 minute session
$15 per person